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Arctic Values is a Rovaniemi-based enterprise and supports sustainable business initiatives and projects all around the fields of circular economy and sustainable tourism in order to realize financing of projects with sources from the global investment community. Solutions regarding sustainability reporting and implementation of environmental management systems are elements of the service portfolio as well. Workshops and individual coaching are possible pathways of initial cooperation.


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Adrian Braun



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Arctic Values services as outlined embrace each an overall volume of 2.500,00 EURO - 0% VAT. Business voucher covers 2.000,00 EURO and own responsibility 20 % = 500,00 EURO (Yrityspalveluseteli 2.000,00 EURO ja Omavastuu 20 % = 500,00 EURO) If you have any questions regarding one or more of the five Arctic Values services, please feel free to contact founder Adrian Braun.

Sustainable investments and solutions are on the rise and Arctic Values will help you to identify your individual strengths and opportunities in order to receive public and private capital. In this respect Arctic Values offers workshops or individual consulting/coaching and develops, depending on your needs, supplementary reports and presentations, which will be beneficial for your communication purposes with customers, clients and investors. Arctic Values founder Adrian Braun holds a PhD in business studies and social sciences and has experiences in working in the global finance sector. He came to Rovaniemi seven years ago and focuses in his work permanently on essential business aspects, as for example, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and financial planning.

Service #1: Arctic Values Sustainability Investments Workshops Arctic Values offers sustainable investments workshops and supports enterprises in gaining knowledge about diverse financing opportunities to realize projects and initiatives with focus on sustainable development. These enterprises could be linked to tourism, retailing, digitalization and many other sectors. The package includes: 3 workshop sessions of sustainability investments topics (90 minutes each session) - 8-20 participants - Introduction into global finance - Novel instruments Green Bonds ( Fin: Vihreät Joukkovelkakirjat), Green Funds - Case studies (e.g. Kuntarahoitus) - ESG-Reporting (Environmental, Social, Governance) and why this novel approach matters to communicate with global investors - Additional provision of supplementary documents, including a glossary of relevant financial terminology, translated from English into Finnish language

Service #2: Arctic Values Internationalisation and Market Research Internationalization is a core challenge for businesses in Finnish Lapland and Arctic Values is a very good partner when it comes to set up business relations across Europe and beyond. The package includes: 3-day individual consulting/coaching The consulting sessions will cover operations of global financial markets, including pathways of financing your sustainability projects with utilization of green investments from global investors. Eventually you will receive a written report of the individual consulting (in English language) with key elements of the discussion and categorized business advice. Based on your specific needs, focus areas will be: - Green Financial Instruments (e.g. Green Bonds - Fin: Vihreät Joukkovelkakirjat) - Annual Financial Reporting - Investor Relations - Corporate Governance - Market Research (for example communication with potential business partners in German-speaking countries)

Service #3: Arctic Values Sustainability Reporting Set-Up Sustainability expert Adrian Braun has experience in sustainability reporting and has received his doctoral degree by focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) implementation into companies. The package includes: - 1-day individual consulting and dialogue to find key sustainability elements for your company - 12-15 page initial sustainability report (written in English language) > If desired, including Environmental Management System references (ISO 14001/ EMAS III) and set-up to implement those - Power-Point presentation with elements of your sustainability report - Diverse charts that highlight your business and possible connections to sustainability standards, sustainability labels (if applicable for your company) - An introduction of your business and your potential to receive green investments from public and private sector

Service #4: Arctic Values - COVID-19 Recovery Funding Opportunities The European Union and other bodies put emphasis on stimulation of the economy in order to achieve survival of suffering sectors, such as, tourism and supply chain dependent industries. The package includes: 1-day workshop (5-20 participants) OR multiple sessions of consulting to get back on track from economic lockdowns and travel restrictions. The content embraces insights and possible solutions, what kind of funding opportunities are available: The consulting package is supported by a 5-8 pages report, why your company would be eligible for recovery support (if applicable in your case). - EU 750 Billion Euro Recovery Package (launch autumn 2020) - EU Green Deal - EU Green taxonomy for Sustainable Finance - EU funding - Horizon 2020/ Horizon Europe - Business-Cluster cooperation possibilities

Service #5: Arctic Values Eco-Tourism Strategic Insights and Sustainable Investments Arctic Values was previously involved in the development of the City of Helsinki - Sustainable Tourism Program established in 2020 and contributed in providing sustainability solutions, particularly focusing on green finance in order to support future realization of green hotels in the capital area. The package includes: 3-day individual consulting (or alternatively a workshop for 5-20 participants) - Green investments to finance green hotels or tourism related activities - Opportunities to enforce sustainable development in Arctic tourism - Gaining new markets - eco-tourism as business driver (including supplementary materials) - Sustainable tourism and communication (visitors, stakeholders and investors) - Environmental Management Systems certification insights (ISO 14001/ EMAS III) specifically for tourism enterprises - Tourism Eco-labels, such as, the Nordic Swan